Adele Duval - Women's Tennis

Adele Duval - Women's Tennis

Class: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice and History 
Minor: Pre-Law and Psychology
Hometown: Redding, California

Why did you choose ENC?

“A big reason was to play tennis, which has gone very well. I hadn’t heard of ENC until my friend Shaw Campbell, who I grew up playing tennis with, was going here and he suggested ENC to me. He said how he believed ENC would be a really good fit for me and that’s what pulled me to choose ENC.”


What type of music does your pregame playlist include?

“I listen to a lot of alternative music. I really enjoy listening to Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons.”


Being a senior this year, how have you grown into being a leader on the team?

“I had examples to learn from my freshman, sophomore, and junior years, but also just seeing what the team needs from me is what helped guide me to take on that role. For example, figuring out if we need someone to be positive on the court or if I need to get the team to pay attention to the coaches to make sure we’re all listening and getting the most out of practice. I make sure to try to not complain about anything so that we have a positive team atmosphere.”


What has been your favorite moment as a student-athlete at ENC so far?

“Last year when we beat Gordon for the first time in my four years. We lost to them the first time we played them last year and beating them the next time was a moment of really seeing all of our hard work pay off. It was a moment where we all recognized that we worked so hard for this and we recognized the drive that got us to that moment. In our matches, we all played our best and it was cool after the fact to say that we did it as a team.”


What are your future plans after ENC?

“Whether or not it happens immediately upon graduation, my goal is to go to law school and study International Criminal Law.”


What are some words of advice you have for future student-athletes at ENC?

“Put in the work early. Don’t wait until later on where it seems like, ‘Now it matters’. The best way that you will enjoy what you are doing is if you are working hard at it the entire time because after your four years, you’re done and there is no more time left. So, it has been my thought to leave it all on the court.”