Emma Farrow - Women's Basketball

Emma Farrow - Women's Basketball

Class: Senior

Major: Elementary Education         

Hometown: Blanchester, Ohio


Why did you choose ENC?

“I played junior college in Montana with Coach Holmes and some other current players on the ENC team. They helped me in making my decision to come to ENC. I came here for a visit and the basketball program was great, the school seemed like the right size for me, and it ended up working out perfectly.”


What is your favorite activity to do outside of playing basketball?

“I really like to read books and watch The Office and HGTV. I also love to be outdoors, such as going on walks and playing with dogs.”


Being a senior on the team this year, how have you grown and taken on the role of leadership?

“In junior college, you have to grow up really fast since the team is made up of just freshmen and sophomores. That process definitely helped me develop my leadership abilities and allowed me to carry that role over to ENC.”


How do you balance being an Resident Assistant and a member of the women’s basketball team?

“I take whatever available time I have and try to be intentional with my residents. I spend a lot of time, especially during the season, with my teammates on and off the court, so I try to take the extra time I have to stay involved with my residents and be present with them.”


What has been your favorite moment as a student-athlete at ENC so far?

“I really enjoyed coming back this summer and seeing my old teammates and meeting my new teammates. We all hit it off right off the bat, so that initial beginning was a very exciting time and a lot of fun.”


What are your future plans after ENC?

“I definitely want to be a teacher and pursue my master’s degree once I begin teaching. I want to teach either the second or third grade.”


What are some words of advice you have for future student-athletes at ENC?

“As typical as it sounds, it really does go by very fast. I would say to take every moment, embrace it, and have fun with it, even when you are waking up for those 5 am practices.”