Viviana Coix - Softball

Viviana Coix - Softball

Class: Junior
Warrenville, Ill.

Why did you choose ENC?

“I chose ENC because when I first walked on to campus, I just knew it was what I wanted. I wanted a small campus and I liked the student-to-professor ratio. I think the community that it brought forth was something that I really liked. I also got to play softball which was a huge plus! I think more than anything though was the atmosphere of the school in general.”


Favorite moment as a student-athlete at ENC

“My favorite moment so far was probably my freshman year when we beat Nichols in the playoffs and Lauren Clements had her walk-off home run and it was just the greatest feeling ever. All of us were so hyped and it was amazing. I don’t even remember the score but I remember the feeling and it was awesome!”


What is the best aspect of the Division III experience?

“Being able to still have that healthy balance of having a normal college education and still being able to play the sport that you love.”


What is something about you that people might not know?

“I’m ambidextrous. I do all of my power stuff with my right hand but I write with my left.”


Any pregame superstitions?

“I have to have my hair in a braid of some sort for every game.”


What is your favorite part about being the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President?

“Having the opportunity to represent the athletes. Being able to give back to them and their efforts in everything that they do. Also, working with a great group of people who want to do that same thing.”