ENC Launches Crowdfunding Campaigns

ENC Launches Crowdfunding Campaigns

QUINCY, Mass.- Eastern Nazarene College has launched a crowdfunding webpage aimed to raise money for specific projects on campus, including two campaigns benefitting ENC Athletics.



Why should you donate?

Built in 1973, the Lahue Physical Education Center is a centerpiece of student life.  Not only is it home to ENC's 15 intercollegiate teams, but the gymnasium is also the home court for women's and men's basketball and volleyball teams.  The structure has great bones, but it has seen limited updates since it was constructed and the wishlist of necessary improvements continues to grow.  Currently, Lahue houses a weight room, four locker rooms, a multi-purpose room with a batting cage, a large classroom, faculty offices and a well-equipped training room, but its wear-and-tear shows. 

Donate and help us bring Lahue back to life!  After all, there's a lot at stake.  On any given day, more than 250 students pass through its doors to practice, play, learn and tour the campus.  Lahue is a critical piece in how our teams perform, how we recruit and how visitors view our institution.  Taking a small step to show we care about the facility will have a boundless impact on our future.  

What will the funds be used for?

The plan is to refurbish and modernize the gymnasium first.  This will include:

  • Replacing the original manual basketball backboard cranks to automatic controls
  • Updating the banners to better reflect the success of teams and individuals that have dedicated themselves to ENC and the Athletic Department
  • Purchasing new volleyball standards, nets, and referee stands
  • Installing new basketball rims to have current and safe breakaway technology on all baskets
  • Adding new branding in the lobby display case and in the gym

If athletics played an important part in your time at ENC or if you are a Lions fan through and through, give to Lahue!



Why do we need help?

This year our women's basketball team is focused on more than just shooting an incredible 3-ball! We are aiming to fundraise at least 3K in order to achieve a generous 3K match. That's right, we have a gracious donor willing to award ENC WBB $3,000, if we can raise $3,000 on our own. Will you help us get that 3-for-3 match?

If so, donate today and share our message on social media!

What are we raising money for?

Our team consists of 17 women who work hard on and off the court. The funds we raise will help off-set costs for team-building activities, uniforms, equipment needs and travel for the entire team.

In fact, this year is unlike any other as we are set to travel to Puerto Rico December 14th – 19th. There, we will play against other teams from the region and have meaningful opportunities to take part in community service and outreach. For many of the athletes, this will be their first time in another country and engaging in experiential learning – all while playing a sport they are passionate about and representing a college they love!

Won't you help us fund the following needs?

Gear Package - $145 per player
(sweatshirt, pant, shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt)

Travel Expenses - $900 per player
(hotel for 5 nights, meals, travel to & from airport, practices and games, t-shirt, trainer & flight to San Juan)

Uniforms (2 sets & additions) - $2,700

Community Service/Volunteer Events - $250
(travel, lodging and thank yous)

Team Bonding Functions - $500

A Word From Players Past & Present 

Giving to ENC Women's Basketball is not only supporting necessary funds for the season, but it is also fostering an experience for each individual that will impact their lives. As a freshman moving 3,000 miles away from home, ENC quickly became home because of the sisterhood that developed early in the basketball season.

-Jordan Grays, ENC/Women's Basketball Alumni 

 Playing for the women's basketball team has positively influenced my time at ENC by providing guidance and a family that I normally would not have while in college… It is important for people to donate to our cause because we have amazing opportunity to leave the continental United States this year. Without the ability to fundraise, we would lose the chance to see how others live in another culture. 

-Sam Cary, Biology Major/Pre-Nursing minor (Class of 2020)