ENC Women's Basketball Puerto Rico Trip Blog #4

ENC Women's Basketball Puerto Rico Trip Blog #4

From the Coaches

Our last day on the island...what an amazing journey! Since it's 2017, we're going to list 17 things that stuck out on this trip and for each of our 17 wonderful daughters.

1.  We'll start by saying God is amazing!

2.  His beauty was everywhere that we went...in the scenery, the people, the culture, music, and the experiences. 

3.  The beaches...we'll just leave it there!

4.  P.R. has been through so much in a matter of three months. To see their love, hearts and to be so welcoming made us feel like we were home. 

5.  Between the colors on the buildings and the cobblestone roads, Old San Juan gives you the most heartwarming feeling. 

6.  We definitely felt God working through us in the smiles of the people we worked with and the kids we spent time with. 

7.  This is one experience we can confidently say changed each player individually. We are beyond blessed and thankful. 

8.  Things we've taken for granted...running water, having power, our cell phones, being able to eat anytime and whatever you want to name a few. 

9.  Mofongo-PR most popular "comida". 

10.  Learn Spanish, it comes in handy.

11.  We are entirely grateful to all the people; family and friends who were able to help us make this trip possible. 

12.  We both realized that we could happily live here.

13.  Kayaking in a bioluminescent bay is one of the most breathtaking experiences. Put it on your bucket list! 

14.  Next to the people we know at ENC and our families, we've never met more compassionate people.

15.  The resiliency of the people we met has been impressive to say the least.  Puerto Rican's have so much pride in their home...love it! 

16.  From the 13+ Gillette events (every weekend or multiple a week), clinics, videos, free-throw-a-thon, and working random things...we have to commend our players on the fundraising efforts they did! It took a ton of work but it has more than paid off. 

17.  We cannot wait to come back! 


- Coach Sacha and Coach Mad

From the Players

Our final day in Puerto Rico was amazing! After breakfast, we had a free morning and a few of us went swimming in the ocean in the pouring rain! Around lunchtime we made our way to the local Boys and Girls Club where we played basketball with some awesome kids! We taught them how to play knock-out, freeze tag, monkey-in-the-middle, and 5-on-5 with them. They were very appreciative of the donated clothes from ENC that we brought them. We are so thankful for our teammate/translator, Liz, who helped us communicate with the kids as well as the locals throughout our entire trip.

After we made our way back to the hotel, we got ready for our last, delicious, team dinner in Puerto Rico. We are so thankful and beyond blessed for this unforgettable experience.  We are so appreciative and thankful for our caring coaching staff and everyone who has made this trip possible for us! 

Peace, blessings, and Feliz Navidad from your 2018 ENC Women's Basketball Team Seniors!!!