James Coury - Baseball

James Coury - Baseball

Class: Graduate Student

Degree: Master of Science in Management                                   

Hometown: Milford, Connecticut


Why did you choose ENC?

“Getting recruited to play baseball here was the main reason I initially looked at ENC. However, the close proximity to Boston, a reputable business program, and the Christian background all helped seal the deal for me to come here.”


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I really enjoy travelling when I get the chance. I like to explore places that I've never been too. In fact, playing baseball here at ENC gave me the opportunity to play in different summer collegiate leagues all around the country, so that gave me the opportunity to travel.”


How has the transition been from undergraduate student-athlete to graduate student-athlete at ENC?

“The transition has been pretty smooth for the most part. Still being a member of the team feels no different as a graduate student, but the responsibilities that I have outside of baseball are more demanding. It requires me to really manage my time better than I did when I was an undergraduate student.”


How do you balance being a graduate assistant in facilities, pursuing your master’s degree, and playing on the baseball team?

“Time management is key. I actually enjoy having a full schedule all of the time. With baseball six days a week, work 4-5 days a week, and a heavy work load for my management program, I’m forced to stay organized. It's a rewarding feeling when I look back at the end of the week and see everything I’ve accomplished. I have to say I finally learned how to not procrastinate.”


What are some words of advice you have for future student-athletes at ENC?

“Don't take this time for granted and make sure to always make smart decisions. Learn to appreciate all of the ups and downs you go through with your team. You only get four seasons to play, and years from now when you look back, you're going to wish you had these moments back.”