Michaela Connors - Women's Soccer

Michaela Connors - Women's Soccer

Class: Senior

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Liberal Arts

Hometown: Norwell, Massachusetts


Why did you choose ENC?

“I chose Eastern Nazarene College because of the size of the school, the family-like atmosphere, and the opportunity to play soccer. I also wanted to attend a Christian college that would challenge me in my faith and help me grow as an individual.”


What type of music do you listen to before games?

“My playlist consists of loud, pump-up music that everyone can dance to; especially throwback songs. As a team, we have a few songs that we traditionally listen to before every match in the vans to get our energy up and ready to play.”


After being named captain for the upcoming 2019 season, what steps will you take over the next couple months to prepare yourself to take on the role as leader of the team?

“Over the summer, the main goal is for us as a team to keep up with our summer workouts in order to come into preseason prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. While working with the coaches and my teammates, it is important when season comes that we work cohesively together to be successful and perform at the highest level we can. As a leader on the team, it is my job to make sure we utilize and take full advantage of everyone’s strengths and gifts God has given to them on the field. This season, I will strive to set an example on and off the field and lead with passion, dedication, energy, and hard work.”


With the team’s trip to Puerto Rico less than three months away, describe the emotions that you are feeling as it inches closer.

“Our team’s preseason trip to Puerto Rico this fall is an excellent opportunity to experience different cultures around the world, as well as train and play soccer with several local teams. Not only will our team get to bond together in a new way, but we also get to break out of our comfort zones and build connections with the people and communities that we meet. Overall, I am super excited and grateful!”


One of the core values of the ENC Athletic Department is Service. How does this upcoming trip to Puerto Rico give you and the rest of the team the opportunity to serve others?

“During our trip to Puerto Rico, our team is going to be dedicating time to serve the people and communities around us. We will be working with a local Boys and Girls Club to help with whatever needs they have. Above all, this trip allows our team to minister to others and show the love God has given to us.”


What are your future plans after ENC?

“After I receive my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education this upcoming May, I plan on earning my Master’s Degree in Special Education in hopes of becoming a second grade teacher.”


What are some words of advice you have for future student-athletes at ENC?

Manage your time well, study hard in school, stay positive, learn from your mistakes, and trust in yourself and your teammates. Enjoy your time, four years really does go by fast!”